Name: graduates

Nationality: Chinese

Current location: GuangzhouNational: Han

Account Location: Hunanstature: 175 cm 60 kg

Marital Status: Single Age: 24 years old

Training and Certification: Integrity Badges:

Job intentions and work experience

Talent Type: General Job

Position: Foreign Languages: English Japanese related to trade / Trade Commissioner / Assistant: Foreign trade clerk / assistant, foreign trade with the single: Foreign Trade with the single -

Work Experience: 1 Title: No Title

Job type: may be taken up date: at any time

Salary requirements: 1500 - 2000 hope that the Working Area: Guangzhou

Personal Work Experience: Company Name: Yueyang City, Ying Da Foreign Language School beginning and ending Clear :2008-07 ~ 2009-01

Company nature: Other-owned Industry: education

Positions: Teachers and Educational Management

Job Description: 1, involved in teaching practice, be able to accurately grasp the teaching content and progress.

2 to arrange for and supervise the teachers teaching.

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外贸业务跟单员求职 简历 范文,大学生在求职时要怎样写好一份求职简历个人是重要,对于写个人简历时的要求与重点是什么要清晰的知道,以下大学生个人简历网提供一篇 寻求高质量的个人简历 为简历写作要点参考。

姓 名: 大学生个人简历网 性 别: 女

民 族: 汉族 出生年代: 1993年1月1日

工作年限: 一年以内 婚姻状态: 未婚

身 高: 172cm 体 重: 52kg

户 籍: 广东湛江 现地点地: 广东湛江

毕业学校: 江门职业技能学院 学 历: 专科

专业名称: 商务英语 毕业年份: 2016年

职位性子: 全 职

职位种别: 物流/商业/采购

职位名称: 采购员 ; 外贸业务员 ; 外贸跟单员

工作地域: 湛江市霞山区 ; 湛江市 ;

报酬要求: 可面议 ; 不需要提供住房

到职时间: 可随时到岗


语言本领: 英语 CET-6 ; 普通话 尺度

盘算性能力: 精良 ;

综合技能: 善于与与各种客户交流,并能协调好与客户的互助关系。

能纯熟地运用Word,PPT, Excel,windows。








时间 地点学校 学历

2012年9月 - 2016年6月 江门职业技能学院 专科


时间 培训机构 证书


地点公司: 人力资源公司

时间范畴: 2014年7月 - 2014年8月

公司性子: 私营企业

所属行业: 家政/服务/咨询/法律

担当职位: 招生专员

工作描述: 作为一名招生专员,我认真地向学生和家长介绍学校及其相关的方面的环境,并耐烦地为他们解答迷惑,对故意向的学生和家长作好记载以便能有用地与学生家长保持联系,跟踪其环境,从而有利于帮助学校招生,并得好向导和学生家长的好评。

地点公司: 西餐厅

时间范畴: 2013年7月 - 2013年8月

公司性子: 民营企业

所属行业: 餐饮/食品/旅店/娱乐/旅游

担当职位: 服务员

工作描述: 作为一名兼职服务员,服务客人,仔细认真听取客人的提议,并得到客人和向导的好评。

地点公司: 宝洁日用品有限公司

时间范畴: 2012年12月 - 2013年1月

公司性子: 股份制企业

所属行业: 消耗品/汽车/零售/服装/商业

担当职位: 促销员

工作描述: 作为一名兼职促销员,擅于和客人交流,并向客户介绍新产品,并取得精良的业绩。

自我评价 : 本人善良、责任心强、上进心强,具有较强的组织和沟通本领。工作认真负责,勇于负担使命与责任,善于学习和担当新事物,可以或许快速担当新知识和快速顺应新环境,具有精良的团队互助精力以及较好的亲和力,具有坚固的专业底子,精良的英语听说读写的本领,精良的综合素质,具备复合型人才的条件。

发展方向: 盼望能从事外贸相关的工作,到达双赢!


最新英文求职简历范文 1400字

外贸经济求职简历范文 1100字

外贸跟单员求职简历模板 1300字

外贸业务员求职简历范文 1000字

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nationality: chinese

current location: guangzhou national: han

account address: huizhou stature: 158 cm  kg

marital status: single age: 26 years old

training and certification: integrity badges:

job intentions and work experience

talent type: general job 

position: foreign trade / trade commissioner / assistant: foreign trade / foreign trade purchase with a single,

work experience: 3 title: no title

job type: full-time date available: anytime

salary requirements: 3500 - 5000 hope that the working area: guangzhou

personal work experience: company name: thai lucky zone trading co., ltd. (guangzhou branch) beginning and ending clear :XX-06 ~ XX-08

company nature: industry:

positions: foreign trade procurement, merchandiser

job description: responsible for helping clients in the internet and china's inland market for all the products they need, then order and arrange delivery orders, track production processes to deal with customs-related matters to ensure that all !the smooth arrival of goods, master of the certain amount of export, logistics management, production management, documentation and customs clearance and other general knowledge.

reason for leaving:

company name: huizhou, beginning and ending by the di furniture factory clear :XX-06 ~ XX-05

company nature: industry:

positions: business with a single

job description: responsible for customer contact for samples, confirm orders, track production processes, to assist the successful completion of the !company inspection personnel inspection, notify the shipping arrangement for the cabinet to ship.

reason for leaving:


graduate institutions: guangzhou institute of hualikeji

supreme education: college graduation date: XX-06-01

a learned profession: foreign trade what they have learned in english professional ii:

by the education and training experience: the termination of clear start clear school (institutional) professional to obtain the certificate certificate no.

XX-09XX-06, guangzhou institute of foreign trade english college hualikeji


language: english good

mandarin level: good cantonese level: good

the ability to work and other expertise to

three years of work experience, foreign translation experience, fluency in english. and worked in the trade as a foreign trade sourcing company with a single charge of import and export of work, a certain degree of foreign trade import and export of procurement experience.

detailed personal autobiography

monthly requirement :2500-3000 yuan / month


个人简历模板网 为你提供的一份合适求职的英文简历,可直接使用或根据实际环境进行修改。祝您职场顺遂,早日找到称心如意的工作!


Name: sara
Sex: Female,Born: Oct. 18, 1982;
English: TEM 8,Computer: Level-3;
University: Nantong UniversityMajor: English
Mob: 013055686022Graduated: July, 2004
2000.9----2004.7: English Major in Nantong University
Vice president of Student Union,
Vice president of Singing Association of Foreign Language Department
Good command of English, effective written and oral communication
TEM 8----Band 8 certificate,
BEC vantage -----Business English of Cambridge
Award in the oral English competition in Nantong University.
Proficient in the operation of Excel, Word and such kind of office software effectively
1) Sept 2003—Feb, 2004: Jiangsu Provincial Publishing House Job title: Interpreter ( part time Job)
2) Mar 2004-Oct, 2005: ZheJiang Yongkang Vehicle CO., LTD Job title: Senior Merchandiser
a. Responsible for exploring export market, handling the whole project of exporting mini motorcycles, Establishing good business relationship with my foreign customers by e-business, Canton Fair and other channels.
b. Handle shipping documents and tax refund of all orders in export department
Contracted with 2 new clients successfully after Canton Fair in October
1) Highly-motivated and reliable person with excellent health and pleasant personality.
2) Can master knowledge necessary for the position in the shortest time;
3) Fluent spoken and written English
Desired Salary: ¥4,000-4,500/Month, free offer for room and board.2

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